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Deploying Electric Vehicles Everywhere in California

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ChargeUp California

ChargeUp California is an initiative of US Green Vehicle Council, a public and private partnership to fund the electric vehicle fast charging infrastructure across California.

Public-Private Partnership

ChargeUp CA will be a long-term partner and investor to EV charging projects everywhere: freeway corridors, workplace, multi-dwelling builings, schools, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and any sites that enable electric vehicles to travel everywhere in California.


How to Host an EV Charging Site

If you are an owner of a commercial building, such as a shopping mall, hotel, restaurant, an apartment building, and wish to host electric vehicle fast charging stations, please complete an online contact form, or call our customer services at 1-408-280-6266 .

ChargeUp USA offers the following services:

  • EV Express 150 kW Super Fast Charger

    Super Fast Charging Station

    ChargeUp California will support the deployment of a new generation of DC Super Fast Charging Stations with a power rating of 150 kW or more, that will be able to charge a Nissan Leaf (with 85 mile range) from empty to full in 10 minutes, and a GM Bolt (with 238 mile range) from empty to full in less than 30 minutes.

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    California map of DCFC

    Map of California DC Fast Chargers

    According the DOE Alternative Fuels Data Center, as of December 1, 2016 there were 3,583 public EV charging stations in California, which includes 332 DC fast charging stations and 17 Tesla super charging stations. There are about than 30 DC fast charging stations along the freeway corridors in California.

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    EVRUS App

    Real Time Monitoring System

    Charging your electric vehicle is simple and easy. You can download an app like the EV Express app on your cell phone. You can start, stop and view the real time charging status on the palm of your hand. YOu can pay using your credit card on the cell phone, and it will alert you when your charging session is completed.

  • West Coast Electric Highway

    West Coast Electric Highway

    The “West Coast Electric Highway” is an extensive network of electric vehicle (EV) DC fast charging stations located every 25 to 50 miles along Interstate 5 from Washington, Oregon to California. The Electric Highway gives electric vehicle drivers “range confidence” that recharging is available should they want make long distance road trips.

  • EV Express Charge Cloud

    Ev Express Charge Cloud

    EV Express Charge Cloud integrates network of EV charging stations, data management system, services applications stored on the Server Cloud, in compliant with the Open Charge Alliance. The integration of different network of DC fast charging stations to a one-stop shop would make the charging experience simple and convenient for the users.